Support Your Local Independant hairArtists

Lets face it... in a city with a salon on every block, how do you even begin to choose? Google 'Minneapolis hair salon' and all you can do is sink in a sea of hair salons. Let us help. We are all independent hair stylists -- what does this mean for you? We aren't employee's of a corporate hair salon, we are our own bosses, we put our own reputation on the line every day; because of this, we strive to work harder for your business & to keep your business. Our goal is to give you our own personalized service that leaves you feeling good about not only your experience, but the hair salon you are supporting after you have walked out the door. Oh, and on a side note, because we as independent hair stylists have to take care of ourselves, this doesn't mean we are slackers when it comes to advanced education. We don't need a big name hair salon pushing us to keep up on modern hair styles & trends- we seek em out & keep on top of it! Before we let you go... something we realize at the Hair Lounge Logo is that your experience is not only about solid service, but also about a connection with your hair stylist. We understand that we won't be a fit for every person in the city, but we thank you for giving us the chance, and hope that you'll find the right fit in us.